Excipients Innovations 2015 | Online Event

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Event Overview:

This event will examine the drug excipients market, from the historical events that have defined the sector to the debates going on at the moment to predictions about the demands that will drive it in the future.

  • How did the DEG tragedies of the last century shape the regulatory landscape?
  • Does the sector need GMP rules?
  • How will the dosage forms of the future guide innovation in the excipients industry?


Who should attend?

Pharmaceutical professionals with an active interest in the latest developments in excipients.

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Dan Stanton: Reporter at In-Pharmatechnologist.com
Gareth Macdonald: Senior Editor at In-Pharmatechnologist.com
Kaat Bracquiné: Quality Control, Compliance & Regulatory Manager at Capsugel
Kevin O’Donnell: Associate Research Scientist at Dow Pharma & Food Solutions
Nikola Matic: Industry Manager, Chemicals & Materials at Kline & Company
William “Trey” Porter III: Associate Research Scientist at Dow Pharma & Food Solutions.