Dow | Excipients Innovations 2015


It is our mission to enable health through science – health by design. We’re committed to discovering new approaches for drug delivery that help our customers create high-value products so that people can live healthy lives.

Dow Pharma & Food Solutions is a leader in global research, manufacturing and innovation of pharmaceutical excipients. It is dedicated to developing new technologies that will enhance the formulation, solubilisation and delivery of active ingredients and boasts an outstanding portfolio of cost-effective, high quality cellulose ethers and polyethylene oxide chemistries such as ETHOCEL™, POLYOX™, METHOCEL™, WALOCEL™ and AFFINISOL™.

Dow has developed the AFFINISOL™ line of excipients to facilitate solubility enhancement, the specific solutions and offerings highlighted at this event include:
• AFFINISOL™ HMPCAS for spray drying applications including AFFINISOL™ HPMCAS High Productivity for higher throughput
• AFFINISOL™ HPMC for hot melt extrusion applications

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